First off, I am so moved by all of the texts, messages, and calls. Each and every prayer gives me strength and support. My prayer for this blog, and will continue to be, that I will touch someone fighting the same battle I am. I have already had 2 people reach out to me with their personal experiences with a cystic brain tumor. Like I said before, if I can help one person through all of this, it is well worth the journey.

As for today, I am very tired, lethargic, and have had an intermittent headache. I am using today and tomorrow to rest because I know that the week that lies ahead of me will be exhausting and filled with surgery preparations.

On the bright side, it is been so great to have one of my best friends and Alpha Gamma Delta sisters by my side the past two days. Ashli came to visit for a few days and it was such a blessing to me and my family.

I know God has trusted me with this journey and I want to Praise Him through it all.

Much love,

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.
Exodus 14:14


Flowers from my precious sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta Psi Chapter.


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  1. Anna, I am Haley Rosetta’s mom. I just wanted you to know that our entire family is lifting you up daily to our Heavenly Father. I admire your faith and positive outlook. We will pray for you daily and we are already praising Jesus for the healing that is going to take place and the lives your journey is going to change. Be strong pretty girl. GODS GOT THIS!

  2. Anna, Pop B and I were so sorry to learn about this newest adventure in your life. Can’t you just be boring once in your life like the rest of us?!! God has sent u to the best surgeon for a purpose. He has a plan for your life that can not be thwarted. See you when you get back all well and happy again. We love you.

  3. Hello Anna,

    I am experiencing extreme fatigue that comes on in 3-4 hour bouts usually in the first half of the day. It completely takes me over. Did you experience this? (I am hoping it is not some other undiagnosed auto immune problem but is instead linked to the cyst). Any information you can provide would be helpful. Your blog is incredbly encouraging. You go :))
    I hope you’re healing well xx
    ~ Tiffany (feel free to email me a response whenever time permits).

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