Today was filled with so much hope and excitement. Another day of pre-op testing! We are down to one week before we leave for Los Angeles, California and 9 days until surgery.

Thankfully, the pain was down to a minimum again today. My biggest complaint today is distorted vision. There will be times where I can hardly see anything and things become very blurry and filled with black “worm” figures. 

For some reason, evenings are the hardest as far as pain goes. I am so blessed to have such incredible parents who work tirelessly to make sure everything is aligned perfectly for the surgery. They are the greatest team of parents a girl could ever ask for.

Much love,
Anna Montgomery

“God entrusted that suffering to you because He has faith in you. Live up to it. All the way up.”-Beth Moore

PS. I also want to take a second to thank all of my amazing Miss Teen United States sisters. As some of you may know, I held the title of Miss Teen Alabama 2012 and had the chance to compete at Miss Teen United States with one girl from each state. I feel like often pageantry gets a bad rap but I cannot express how incredible these girls have been the past week. From private messages, texts, and calls.. I can never express how blessed I am to have each of them in my life especially during a time like this. I am forever grateful for their friendship!


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