Today has not been easy but the thought of surgery being exactly one week from today makes everything seem better.

I cannot believe that in SEVEN DAYS these symptoms (blurred vision, bad headaches, weakness, nausea, etc.) that I have been experiencing, will be gone. Of course, there will be surgical pain, but that will be well worth being able to feel great again.

It is so crazy to think that everything is ready to go. One week ago, we were just praying that Dr. Shahanian, at the Skull Base Institute in Los Angeles, would accept my case. Now, everything is finalized and ready! I did not realize all of the small details that would need to be ironed out.  Everything has fallen into place so easily. It is without a doubt, God’s plan!

I have no doubt that we were led to Los Angeles for a reason.The doctor’s office has been in close contact with us every day monitoring my symptoms, my arrangements and offering help to our family. They have truly been a blessing to our family. We haven’t even met them yet, and they have worked so hard to help us.  I have prayed so hard for patience and God has delivered. I feel like when I pray for patience, God gives me situations to teach me patience and often times people think it’s just “given”. I think patience is tested, and then gained.

Please also pray for my sister, Emily. I know all of this is hard on her.

Much love,

For when You did awesome things that we did not expect, You came down, and the mountains trembled before You.

-Isaiah 64:3


P.S. This is the sweet face that has been cuddled up by my side all day.


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