Almost there


I apologize for not posting yesterday but it was a very trying evening. I had a lot of intense pain in the afternoon and evening and nothing made it better. I was finally able to get some sleep and Saturday has been better.

I was able to spend time with Taylor yesterday. Taylor Morton was diagnosed with colon cancer a little over a week ago. He will be undergoing a colon resection the same day as my surgery, July 18th. I would like to ask all of my prayer warriors to please lift him up as he undergoes surgery and we are praying for God’s healing to come with surgery so that he doesn’t need any further treatment.

Today’s pain has been tolerable and manageable. I have been extremely tired and sleepy. I’m thankful for Mrs. Vickie who came by to visit and spend time with me this evening. Her goodies are always so thoughtful. Just a few short days and we will be leaving for Los Angeles. I can honestly say that God has prepared me, thus far, and I’m ready.

It’s amazing how with every trial God brings into your life, your true friends are always  revealed. I’m so thankful for all the encouraging texts and cards. Each one of them are amazing. After pineal tumor surgery, there is usually blurred vision for a few days. My parents will be reading my messages to me and I plan on staying in touch with all of you.

Much love,

“Satan never wastes a fiery dart on an area covered in amour”.
-Beth Moore

Clothe yourself in armour and He will protect you.

Just a few of the thoughtful cards and gifts I have received the past few days! Each mean so much to me!


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