Surgery Day!


Anna’s surgery began at 6:30 am this morning. She was very anxious but the staff here at Los Robles have been amazing. The operating room called with updates every 45-60 minutes. At 9:45, Dr. Shahanian came out with photos showing us the tumor and the cavity it was blocking. He was able to remove all of it and fluid began to drain in the pineal gland again.

It was cystic but everything will be sent to Pathology for testing. He is very certain the symptoms she was having were from the tumor. He said it was pressing on the area of nerves that controlled vision, hearing and also causing her pain. She will have a good bit of headache type pain the next three days due to the surgery.

We are able to stay with her in ICU which is great. She has had a good deal of nausea and vomiting. Dr. Shahanian just left and said it was to be expected. She has passed all of her neurological tests which are being done every hour.

Tomorrow his plan will be to get her in a chair and later tomorrow she will work with physical therapy. The first 24 hours are the hardest and every day should see improvement.

She is still heavily medicated and sleeping unless bothered by pain or nausea/vomiting.

Frank, Emily and I cannot thank you enough for all the love you have given to us through all of this. Although we are many miles away from home, we do not feel alone. God continues to carry her and all of us according to His plan. We need specific prayers for Annas strength and endurance to get through the evening and night hours. He said this will be a rough night it just comes with the territory of brain procedures.

Frank and I will leave the hospital late tonight and sleep in the hotel unless something changes. She has two wonderful nurses at her side in ICU and they encourage us to rest.

Again, thank you for loving us and carrying us every step of the way. Continue to encourage Anna in the days ahead as she regains her strength.

Offer unto God Thanksgiving and pay thy vows to the most High. Psalms 50:14



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