Day 2 post op (Saturday)


There’s no easy way to put it but last night was hard. The narcotics caused nausea and vomiting which in turn created brain pressure which caused unbearable pain. Dr Shahinian was called by the nurses twice during the night and they continued to work with her for comfort. They are so understanding and compassionate.

She finally fell asleep for the first time at 5:00am. They took away the narcotics and used Tylenol IV and eventually the nausea meds kicked in. Frank came at 7:30 and I went back to the hotel to rest, shower and eat until 11:30.

She slept soundly until 9. Worked with physical therapy and then sat in a chair for several hours. Intense nausea and pain today, as still expected. Having a lot of neck spasms from surgery positioning, all very normal. She still is only able to tolerate ice chips but iv fluids are flowing so all is well.

She is being taught techniques to deal with pain such as breathing and relaxation. It’s alot easier said than done and its tough not being able to comfort her. We are trying to keep her focused on hour by hour instead of the big recovery picture which overwhelms her.

She is talking a little and telling us key words to help her. Thank you for those of you who have texted and messaged her. We are saving all of the messages and we know she will enjoy reading them when she is better. She needs words of encouragement and support not just today but for the weeks ahead. The physical therapist talked to us today about the overwhelming aspect of all of this with a young 19 year old who wants to be out with her friends instead of fighting through all of this. She walked down the hall without holding on today and her balance is good. Everything is coming back slowly. Dr. Shihinian thinks medically she is right on target.

Please remember that we are two hours behind our Birmingham family and friends so don’t be concerned if updates are late. Frank and I are thankful for all of your messages and read them all. Please understand if we don’t reply, just know we love you.

God continues to be faithful and we cling to your prayers and words of encouragement for our daughter.

Love Jill



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  1. God bless you child! One day at a time. Frank and Jill much love to you. Kevin and I are thinking about you.

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