Day one Post Op


What a difference 30 hour makes! It’s unbelievable. We walked in ICU to visit and nurses had her sitting in a chair! She was medicated but would open eyes when we spoke to her. Physical therapy came and she responded very well to them. Her balance is good. She was only making hand motions and not able to speak. She was moved out of ICU onto the third floor of the hospital. Dr. Shahanian has a team of nurses on that floor that are experienced with his orders and procedures. They are fabulous. How can we go home without them?

It’s been a tough day with pain. Nausea and vomiting are much better. Still has some nausea when pain increases. Moving out of ICU was tiring for her. She was able to feed herself chicken broth and drink water for the first time since surgery.

Physical therapy returned and they walked! It was a challenge but she rocked it. They will walk again before bedtime.

After a nap, her nurse returned and made her shower! She sat on a shower chair and the nurse made her raise her arms to use the shower arm. She washed her own hair and afterwards we combed through every section. There was glue from the bandages he used. She was a trooper. When her hair is down you cannot even see where he shaved for the incision. It’s about an inch long and looks great.

Please continue to pray for her as she deals with the pain and soreness. We appreciate all of you so much! God will heal.

Update again tomorrow. Love Jill




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  1. Great news!! Praying for even better progress report tomorrow;-) I’m so happy you are doing so good and know with every passing day you are closer to complete healing;-) Love you!!

  2. So thankful that things are progressing so well for you Anna. Your family is such an inspiration, with the joyrney you have taken with your mom’s cancer, and the years you have endured the pain and symptom’s from your brain cyst. I have followed you some on f/b, and your mom’s cancer story the love and support you and your family and close friends have is so amazing. With all you have been through, you never feel sorry for yourself, and praise God for everything. I know you will pull through this better and stronger than ever. You are a beautiful girl, both inside and outside. God’s presence and love surrounds you. You will do great in College in Al., and I expect to see you back in the pagent world, I still think you could be Miss USA, Miss American, or Miss Universe. God bless you all and continued improvement and total restored health for you Anna.

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