Day 4 post op (Monday)


Last night was peaceful and uneventful. Pain was managed well during the night. We have to wake every 3 hours to check for positioning and to give her meds.

She woke up this morning with continued brain swelling pressure pain. Dr. Shahinian checked on us and was pleased by our update. She is eating bland food, liquids (small amounts) and keeping it down. Praise!!

She has walked several times down the hallway and practiced her PT exercises. Nap, Shower, more walking, and dinner will finish out the evening.

She is still exhausted from lack of sleep from ICU and hospital. The hotel is so peaceful. She asks that you continue to pray for her strength. She’s worn out physically.

We will see Dr. Shahinian at 7:00 am tomorrow and unless something changes overnight, we will head to Carmello, CA (6 miles away) and fly privately for a four hour flight.

We continue to be overwhelmed with goodness and mercy from everyone. We ask for specific prayers of strength for Anna to continue to work hard, stay encouraged and reduction of swelling/pain. Be in prayer for an easy transition tomorrow as we come home to Birmingham! Thank you God for your many blessings.

Love, Jill

Ps. Frank and I are doing good. We take turns getting up and promise we are taking care:)
Today’s pix are Coming from hosp to hotel, Anna resting in chair, the amazing creation surrounding our hotel.






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  1. Praise God from Whom all blessings come!! What a beautiful sight to see you in that chair with that Alabama throw on your lap!! Will cover you all in prayer as you complete the journey tomorrow and fly home. Prayers for traveling mercies, beauty in the most unexpected places and a day overflowing with His grace and peace. Love, Lesia

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