Day 5 post op


We are home! It has been quite a hectic day. We saw Dr Shahinian at 7 am. He released her to fly home. The significant brain swelling pain is still completely normal but to be honest, she is miserable and in tears at times. We slept for two hours last night and that was about it. Of course flying with the cabin pressure hasn’t made today any easier but she did it!

The natural sleep aid that the brain produces in the pineal gland is melatonin. Because part of her gland was removed with the tumor, we will have to supplement her melatonin and that can take a few weeks. She is physically exhausted but without melatonin she cannot sleep.

She ate a few bites on the plane and has eaten a little since we have been home.

It will take several weeks for the brain swelling to subside and overall 9-10 months for the brain to be 100% healed even though she will go about her daily routine in 1-2 months.

We need prayers for daily progress. We are all exhausted so we send our love and more to post tomorrow. Love, Jill
Today’s pix,,,,coming home (first smile in 5 days!), Touchdown finally in Birmingham



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