Day 6 post op


Last night and today have not been easy. It’s been the hardest day since ICU. We have been in touch with Dr. Shahinians nurse, Christina and they are really working with us to get through these first few days of recovery. She said sometimes the swelling gets worse before better.

Please lift Anna up for strength! We pray she sees relief from the cerebral swelling soon. The swelling is causing facial paralysis and blacking out episodes. She only sleeps about two hours at night and is exhausted. The melatonin level takes a little while to build up, helping her sleep. We discontinued pain meds as they do not help with the pressure pain and that has allowed her to eat more solid foods.

She has not been well enough today to read her messages but please know they mean so much to her and they give her strength. We read them to her when we can.

Earlier this afternoon she told me she felt a blanket of warmth all over and she knew that was coming from the power of prayer! I know that too!

We appreciate every prayer and kind word! Love to all, Jill



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  1. May God bless you and supply you with the strength you need. May our blessed Lord rest in your heart and sleep in your sleep. Hang in there with girl. This will all pass! Love to you and your supportive family!

  2. My heart is breaking for you, but I am praying and I know it will get better, you look so pretty laying there, and I miss our long talks !!!! It want be long and we will be back to jabber again!! Love you much!!

  3. Hi Jill….Just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers. May GOD keep his strong arms wrapped around her and your family. GODS hears all our prayers always!! He is with us thru the good days and bad days. Hugs and love to all your family!

  4. Reading your blog every day and remembering you in prayer! Keep thinking positive. You have alot of people praying for you and the Great Physician taking care of you!

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