Day 7/Day 8 post op


Day 7: tough day, pain, black outs, paralysis all continued. No sleep.

Day 8: we started ice packs late last night (20 min/every hour). It reduced the swelling temporarily. We were never told by the nurses or doctors to try this simple tip. Although it is temporary relief, it’s long term effects will help in the long run.

Blacking out episodes continue. Paralysis better today. She is uncomfortable from neck spasms and swelling pain. Christina our nurse continues to tell us this is all normal and takes weeks for swelling to subside.

She continues to need specific prayer for strength. She is very worn down and exhausted. Words of encouragement mean the world.

We are so thankful for all of our wonderful friends and family. I will update tomorrow! You may text Anna she reads them when she feels up to it even though she may not respond it is wonderful therapy.

Suffering produces endurance and we know God continues to heal! Love, Jill
Today’s pix, her sweet bed buddy



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  1. Jehovah Rapha…. Anna’s Healer…. Lord God Almighty…. Anna’s Creator…. Anna’s Provider…. Anna’s Deliverer…. The Great Lover of Anna’s soul…. We ask You Lord, knowing that by Your stripes, Anna is healed, to pour out healing on Anna from the top of her beautiful head to the ends of her tip toes, that she may proclaim the wonders of You in the most magnificent ways. We ask in the precious name of Jesus, knowing that You alone are able…..and we give You praise!

  2. Dear Anna, I am finishing up the summer mission. We have been praying for you. I know you realize the lords hand is upon you. Prayers for endurance aNd healing. Mrs j

  3. Dear Lord, we ask You to guide the hearts, hands, and minds of Anna’s medical team and family. Please fill her home with the Holy Spirit, and bring peace and comfort to all who enter and dwell there. Shine Your holy light on her and fill her with strength to endure the recovery. Let her rest in the mighty arms of Jesus as He carries her through this valley and lifts her to a new mountaintop, fully healed and in service to You. May angels surround her to guard and comfort her. We see Anna as fully healed, through Your great healing powers, and Your grace and mercy. Guide all of us who have lessons in this to perceive our lessons and learn from them. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. 💕

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