Day 10 Post Op


Last night was a long night. She had a lot of swelling /cranial pain and nothing we tried relieved her enough to rest.

At 5:30 am, Frank and I swapped shifts and I went to bed for a few hours. We continued the ice, Tylenol and taking short walks. She finally fell asleep at 8am and slept for 2 hours. She is so exhausted from lack of consistent rest.

Her sense of taste is returning which is wonderful news! She is eating small meals throughout the day and supplementing with Ensure.

She walked two laps around the inside track of the civic center and rode in the car while Frank ran a few errands. Walking is so important!

The intracranial pressure is still very painful. Please pray for her pain and continued strength.

Also pray for Frank as he has a busy week of meetings and I have a few responsibilities outside the home. We have tried to rest when possible but the last two weeks are catching up.

Our prayer is that this blog is helpful and informational to others.

Thank you for your loving prayers for all of us! Love, Jill

Today’s pix is Anna walking on her own (frank following closely behind) at the indoor track.



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  1. WE are praying for all of you. i wish there was something we could do. I hope she turns the corner soon so all of you may rest. thinking of each of you.

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