Day 11 Post Op


11 days out! So hard to believe how far we have come! We have been home for 6 days and there’s no doubt how much better the healing process is at home.

She slept for 6 hours inconsistently last night and that helped (all of us!) Today she walked two and a half laps at the indoor track, did great on PT exercises and has a wonderful appetite!

Cerebral swelling is still present but every day is better than the last. It is definitely made worse lying in bed on the wedge. It is hard for Anna to see her progress because of the pain but she is working very hard through the pain and weakness. Walking and ice packs have been two of the most important things we have used in the post op process.

Her goal is to return to the University of Alabama on Labor Day weekend to resume her classes and she is looking forward to being reunited with all her friends! She is also still planning to compete for her dream of Miss Alabama USA in November.

Thank you again every day for all your sweet messages and thoughtfulness.

Prayer is no doubt THE most important thing you can do for us! It is so powerful! It’s pretty awesome to see God working through every aspect of this journey! More tomorrow…love, Jill

Today’s pix…Getting ready for PT (she’s come a long way in 11 days)! Plus, a smile!…and the sign at the indoor track!




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  1. Oh, Anna, your smile just sent shivers of thankfulness and praise all over my body!! God is SO good! Praise HIM for all He has done and continues to do every day in your precious life. Thank you for boldness in sharing the difficulties and successes of this journey. To God be the glory!! Love to you and your precious family!

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