Days 20 & 21 Post Op


Yesterday (Day 20) was a great day. It was the best day I have felt since even before surgery. I had a full consistent seven hours sleep the night before and it seemed to help a lot. Brain swelling was very minimal and everything was great, except for my appetite.

Today (Day 21) is three weeks post op. Today has not been as great. I have had a good amount of brain pressure/swelling, left ear deafness and I also have a strange feeling that my head weighs 20 pounds. The head heaviness is common post op, as I have read in other blogs. Another symptom that I am having is that I zero short term memory. My parents can tell me something and within five minutes I will ask questions again.

A visit to my ENT today (the one who originally diagnosed me) and all is healing well. He has started me on a “nasal wash”. My appetite continues to be non existent and the smells of foods aren’t very pleasant either.

It’s frustrating to have days and nights that are not consistent. I know that it takes time and I’m thankful to be where I am despite the bad days.

Continue to pray for my parents. They are exhausted and the lack of sleep has caught up with them. I’m so blessed with two wonderful parents, and my sister who all give so freely of themselves to help me get better. I couldn’t do any of this without their support.

Much love,
AnnaImageHere is a picture of my incision (can hardly see it) 21 days post op! My hair is growing so fast!


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  1. We are continuing to pray for you. You are such a brave positive young woman. Ashley and I really want to come support you as you compete for Miss Alabama USA.

  2. Hi there! Glad to hear you’re improving! I’ve been walking when it’s not raining out and am getting better each day as well. Take care! I’m sending you lots of positive energy and healing thoughts!

  3. anna lack of food will spiral into slower healing. I do understand your going from fine to I need to throw up in mere seconds. There are tricks used to combat this. one is if you like a certain smell that does not make you sick such as coffee beans, keep a small container of them on hand. I do this and then when I smell a perfume or over powering other smell that I think is going to make me “toss my cookies” I open my little stash of coffee beans. The scent is usually enough to mask the offensive odor enough to avoid the wave of nausea. Hope this helps.

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