Day 22 & Day 23


The last few days Anna has not felt well at all. Brain swelling has returned along with a lot of nausea and vomiting. She has been very weak from not being able to eat and drink and it’s also caused a lot of emotional frustration. She is ready to feel better and move on with all of this.

She is also tired from lack of sleep the last few days. It’s hard to understand why some days are worse than others. We keep hoping that the swelling will go away completely and I think that would resolve a lot of the other issues.

She doesn’t feel well enough to update the blog but asks that you continue to pray for her strength and complete healing.

Love, Jill



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  1. It is always hard to take three steps forward and then stumble a step or two back. I will tell you that when you have a little nausea and vomiting, that can increase the swelling in your brain a little. Just remember it will go down and you will start that walking forward again, Before you know it you will be skipping forward and then running. Don’t forget your pressure points in your hands. Have Mom look at the map of the hand and the feet for there are places to help your migraine and your feeling the nausea. Many hugs. I feel your pain and wish I could take it from you! Prayers are being sent up for you. Get some rest and know we all love you and want you to feel better quickly!

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