Day 24


What a difference 24 hours can make! I woke up this morning relieved of my nausea and the brain swelling was significantly better!

After thinking about what might have caused the increased brain swelling and nausea yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that I might have slid off of my pillow and laid flat for a few hours while sleeping. Lying completely flat affects the pressure in the brain and can cause extreme pain. Normally after three weeks of sleeping at a forty five degree angle, it is okay to rest however you want but everyone is different. In my case, I will be back at a forty five degree angle for a little bit longer. This is just fine by me if it means I can have good days!

Today was very exciting! I was so blessed to have been interviewed for a segment on WVUA News that will air on the 10:00 P.M. news tonight! For those of you who live outside of the WVUA viewing area, my mom and I will both post a YouTube link to the blog tomorrow night and on Facebook.

I felt a blanket of prayers wrapped around me last night. Thank you to all of you who continue to lift me up in prayer and with encouraging words.

Much love,

A picture from today’s interview with Chelsea Barton from WVUA News! Thank you so much for coming to visit! I love you!

ImageA special thank you to my precious friend, Brittney Shelton, for coming out to my house before the interview to do my hair and make up! First time since surgery to have my hair and makeup done! It felt so good! I love you!


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