Day 27-29


I have continued to make good progress in the last three days. My biggest complaints are still pressure behind the nose/eyes, visual disturbances, and not sleeping well at night. I have cut out my daily naps in hopes to help make me tired at night and we are still working on the melatonin combination to help regulate sleep. My appetite comes in shifts. One minute I feel like I might be sick and the next I feel like I could eat a whole buffet. I have increased my walking and physical activity the past few days. I drove for the first time in eight weeks yesterday! It was only a short distance with my mom as a passenger but it was so exciting. I still set goals each day because I know that I see the most progress on days that I set goals for my self and work hard to achieve them. The goals are small like going to lunch with my family, walking further distances than the day before, etc. Pushing myself just enough to where I see results but do not over doing things. Today has been a bit more painful than the others but I am working hard to overcome the pain. Although today has been painful, the pain is no where near to what it was before surgery or two weeks ago. It is manageable! Walking, ice compressions, and minimal stimulation seem to be the best combination.

Emotionally, the past few days have been hard. This week has been rush week at the University of Alabama and I hate to be missing it but I am counting down the days till I am back in Tuscaloosa with all of my sorority sisters. Tomorrow is Bid Day and although I am not physically there, I am there in spirit! I cannot wait to see all of the beautiful new additions to Alpha Gamma Delta Psi Chapter.

I am also working hard to prepare all of my school stuff for classes start this upcoming Wednesday. I will be taking all online classes. This is a first for me as well!

I have tried spacing out my blog posts to every two to three days since there is not too much to report! Remember, if you would like specific updates or have any questions you can always email me at!

Much love,

ImageMy sweet cuddle buddy last night!


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  1. I am so glad to see your goals being set and your realizing that this is a way to map your progress. At times it does come in such small measure it would be hard to recognize those moments otherwise. I find joy in every post that list your accomplishments. This one with the excitement over a short drive made me smile. My joy today came at being able to work in my aviaries as I have a African Grey Parrot “bullying” other birds. He had to be caught and moved, never a small job! Then I tolerated getting my hair cut and styled. I hate for anyone to touch my head. The pain, numbness and tingling are hard to describe or even manage. The hair becoming unruly finally pushed me to sit in the stylist chair today! You are an inspiration Anna, you will enjoy your online classes and I have no doubt succeed at those too! Your snuggle bunny looks much friendlier than my parrot wrapped in his towel. LOL God Bless!

  2. Anna,you are so precious….you have such a strong faith and a drive that will get you over this bump in the road so much faster than most people…You will be back with your friends at college in no time….stay focused on and thinking healing thoughts,sweet girl…we are all gonna keep praying for a speedy recovery…we know you are healed in the name of Jesus….YOU HAVE SOOO MANY PEOPLE FOLLOWING YOU ON THIS JOURNEY AND ROOTING FOR YOU ALL THE WAY…LOVE AND PRAYERS,,,

  3. You are doing wonderfully and such a brave person. When this is behind you, think of all the good you can do to help others who have to go through this! You are my hero!

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