Day 30 & 31


Exactly one month ago, down to the hour, I laid in ICU at Los Robles Hospital. Now, I am at home in sweet home Alabama feeling so much better! I have always heard the saying, “time heals all wounds, physical and emotional.” This journey is a prime example of time healing my physical wound.

Yesterday and today have both been good days! Minimal brain pressure, visual disturbances, with my biggest complaint being exhaustion. (Which is not a big issue at all, just an expected post op symptom).

I have done so much the past two days! Yesterday I spent the day cuddling with three sweet puppies, doing my physical therapy, then got ready and had a dinner date with dad at Cracker Barrel. We then went to spend some time with my grandparents.

Today has been such a great day with my sweet family. After a good nights rest, I woke up with some swelling but knew getting up and being active would help me feel better. (One of those situations where I have to push myself but I am so glad I did afterwards.) We had a wonderful lunch at California Pizza Kitchen followed by a yummy dessert afterwards.

I must say that I am exhausted from this weekend but it is the good kind of tired.  I know that recovery requires me to begin a routine and to be up and about. We are adding things to my days, one by one in hopes I will be able to go to my own house in Tuscaloosa two weeks from now.

Please continue to pray for total and complete healing. I am making great progress each day and want nothing to stand in my way of getting back to the life I love!

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  1. Anna-

    I have followed your journey from the beginning and I am so glad to see you are feeling so much better. So many prayers and so much love is being sent your way! Keep it up! God is using you as a vessel; people’s lives are being changed by your faith and perseverance.

    Carson Tallent Phillips

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