Day 34-36


You know it is a good thing when I am taking up to three days between blog posts. I have been consumed each day with schoolwork and I love it!

The past three days have all been just about same. Each day I make progress and continue to see a decrease in brain swelling. The small skin infection around my incision, which I wrote about in the last blog post, is doing much better with antibiotics! I am still sleeping at an angle at night because brain swelling seems to be worse when I sleep flat.

One thing that I have noticed since starting back to school is that my reading comprehension skills are a bit dull. Although I can read normally with a few visual disturbances, I have to read some things two or three times to fully grasp the main point. This is another expected post-op symptom that gets better with time. Doctors say that the best way to gain back the skill of quick reading comprehension is to just exercise your brain with reading and thinking activities. I have already noticed a slight improvement in reading comprehension since when I started classes on Wednesday.

Everything is getting better with each passing day. I am so thankful to be well on my way to living the happy, fun life that I love! Is it not amazing the progress that has been made in just five weeks? If someone told me five weeks ago that I would be up doing schoolwork, I would have laughed. The power of prayer is truly amazing.

Much love,

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek His face always. –Psalm 105:4


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