Making adjustments…


I had hoped I would be writing today’s blog from my home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama but the last five days have not been what I anticipated.

When Dr. Shahinian told me that the recovery period was six to twelve weeks, I naturally thought I would be back at school right at six weeks. While things continue to improve, one of my remaining symptoms is intermediate eye pressure. Exercise does help with the brain pressure and I truly feel most comfortable giving myself a little bit more time to heal before heading back off to school.

I picked up a little bug over the weekend. Nothing related to the surgery, but just having aches, low grade fever, and chills. After being put on some antibiotics, I am already feeling better!

Since my last post, God has reminded me that I can make all of the plans that I want, but ultimately His plans will always prevail.

So within the next few days I plan to continue to work hard to get better. Each day I try and make sure I am pushing fluids, walking, and eating as much as I can. My appetite is still nonexistent at times but when I feel like I can eat, I do! I must admit that I have been so consumed with schoolwork that some days I do not walk enough. I really think walking helps with the brain pressure!

I wanted to share something that really spoke to me during devotion the other morning:

“Instead of desperately striving to maintain order and control in your little world, relax and remember that circumstances cannot touch My Peace.”
–Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling

Much love,


My sweet little study buddy!


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  1. We continue to pray for you and your family. We are related, your dad and I are first cousins. I understand you wanting to be back in school but it’s better that you take the necessary time to heal than to push it and make things worse. School will be there when you healed. Also, remember that God is in control and we must follow His schedule which doesn’t always follow our schedule. I have been dealing with health issues for about 12+ years now and that was the hardest thing for me to understand at first. God has already blessed you and your family in many ways and I pray for your health and healing and His continued blessings on you. Your blog has inspired me to blog my condition and issues so that it may help others. I have just begun to set it all up and will take my journal and convert it to blog form. Have a great and blessed day!

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