Week 8 Post Op


Guess where I am writing this blog from?! If you guessed Tuscaloosa, Alabama then you are right! Exactly eight weeks after surgery, this past Thursday, I moved back to school at the University of Alabama! It feels so great.

As I have said in previous posts, if I am not updating the blog every day that is usually a good thing and that is most certainly the case for this past week. I have been so busy with school, moving, and visiting with sweet friends! I feel like this week has been full of great things! At the beginning of the week my story and journey with a cystic brain tumor aired on the front page on the University of Alabama’s school newspaper. Wednesday I spent my day doing a photo-shoot with the fabulous Melissa Boguardus and Frank Carnaggio in Birmingham! Thursday I finished packing up my bags and made my way back to the City of Champions, Tuscaloosa! Friday was filled with cherished time with friends and sorority sisters. And do I need to mention what today has been filled with?! LOTS of COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

Each day I have learned more and more about the importance of pushing myself to do things while also listening to my body. I try to make sure that I am doing more and more each day but there comes a time in the day when I feel like I have hit a brick wall and become exhausted! My strength is low but the only way to see improvement is to work hard and I am most certainly doing that. As far as pain/brain swelling are concerned, they are making great progress with each passing day! (PRAISE GOD!) I have little spurts of minor brain swelling throughout the day that is usually triggered by the miserable Alabama heat! I try to stay out of the heat as much as possible because the minute I begin to get hot is right when the brain swelling seems to arrive. I still see spots in my vision but after checking up with Dr. Shahinian’s office this week, we were reminded that this symptom will be the very last to go.

This journey has been a constant reminder that God’s plans are always much greater than I could ever imagine. Over the past few weeks I have had to readjust goals and plans because after all I did just undergo brain surgery eight weeks ago and the recovery is harder than I expected. I have decided after a lot of thought and prayer that I will not be competing in Miss Alabama USA 2014 in November. As many of you know, this is a lifelong dream of mine and I had been working hard towards this goal before I was diagnosed. This was a hard decision to make but I know it is for the best. I am just not physically strong enough yet to compete and be at my full potential. I cannot wait to be back on that stage next year and continue to chase my dream of becoming Miss Alabama USA!

I have lots of pictures to share from this past week as well as the link to my interview with the Crimson White! To read the article visit: http://cw.ua.edu/2013/09/10/student-overcomes-brain-tumor/

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.
-Isaiah 55:8


When I began to leave for Tuscaloosa on Thursday these two furry friends decided they wanted to come. I hate having to leave them!


My story on the front page of the University of Alabama school newspaper!


So much fun shooting with Frank Carnaggio!


Loved getting to watch Alabama beat Texas A&M with my sorority sisters!


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