Slow & Steady Wins the Race


The past week I have really learned exactly when and how to listen to my body. Since the exciting return to the University of Alabama, I have been very eager to try and ease my way back into doing the things I love. Although I am slowly adding things back into my daily routine, there are still things that I cannot do. I have continued to notice that heat and excessive stimulation (computer, phone, busy room, etc.) triggers brain swelling. I get frustrated at times because I know that I am so close to being able to go to football games and enjoy sorority functions, but I am just not quite there yet. I must continue to rest and heal. My dad reminded this weekend that I am only 20% (12 months is the expected full recovery period) of the way through the recovery period and I am doing great! He put it best by saying that it is better to take your time healing than set yourself further back by over doing things. I avoid the heat at all cost and minimize my time on the computer/phone to as little as possible. My best days are when I do both of these things.

Since my last post I have not been getting hardly any sleep at night. I do not take any naps during the day and still struggle to get at least three or fours hours of sleep at night. (Must be some type of karma since I talked about getting a lot of sleep) I have not changed up my melatonin regimen or anything! As Dr. Shahinian explained, he had to remove some of the pineal gland to get the entire tumor and so the gland is slowly learning how to function now that it is not the same.

Overall, things are coming along very smoothly. I am still taking my online classes and they are going great! I am so thankful for the continued prayers and support. The recovery process may be a slow one, but I am so thankful to be getting more and more of my life back with each passing day.

 I have one prayer request this week. It is for a girl that I do not know personally, but I do know that she, along with her family, needs prayer warriors. Sunday night Olivia Mills, of Tuscaloosa, was in a horrible car accident. Olivia is in critical condition at DCH. Please lift her and her family up! We serve one amazing God and I have no doubt that what he is doing through Olivia is for His glory and her good. We may not always understand His ways, but we must always trust Him. Follow “Pray for Olivia Mills” on Facebook to learn more about her story.

Much love,

She does not fear bad news; she confidently trusts the Lord to take care of her. -Psalm 112:7Image

I had to share with y’all my meal at City Cafe this week! Since leaving Tuscaloosa for surgery this is the ONE place I have been constantly craving. Well, this week I had it and it was not short of amazing! Home cooked food away from home!


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