Next week marks five months since this crazy journey began! I wanted to give everyone a quick update.

I know I have said this many times before, but I want to say how incredibly blessed I am with loved ones who have stood by my side every step of the way. As many of you know, this semester took a different direction and was I forced to take all online classes, even though I was able to move back to Tuscaloosa after 10 weeks post op. When classes began (4 weeks post op), it was very difficult and I wondered if I would be able to participate in classes at all. Reading, comprehension, note taking, lectures, etc. seemed almost impossible in the beginning. I had such a hard time completing sentences and learning to write creatively (one of greatest passions) again. The online classes were very demanding and writing papers were a very important part of my grade. I am beyond thrilled to say that I have finished this crazy semester, overcoming all obstacles, with a 4.0 GPA.

As far as symptoms are concerned, there are almost none!!! My biggest complaint continues to be strength. This is something that can be very frustrating at times but I have to listen to my body and remember that this is a twelve-month full recovery period. My biggest frustration comes from being out of breath while doing small exercises at the gym, but I must remind myself of the bigger picture and praise God for my ability to go to the gym without getting a headache like before surgery.

The small lines in my vision become less and less with each passing day. The tumor/surgery related headaches are nonexistent. The constant fatigue is no more! I finally have my life back after several years of suffering and never knowing the cause!

Unfortunately, sleep is non existent no matter how exhausted I am or what time of day/night it is, I cannot fall asleep for longer than 1-2 hours. Some nights I’m lucky and I get 4 hours. My body craves rest so we continue to work with the Melatonin dosage in hopes it will eventually help.

Most recently, I have heard from five other people from all across the world that are experiencing some of the same symptoms I did before surgery. Nothing makes me happier than knowing this blog is of some help to others who are suffering.

It is my hope and prayer that everyone counts each of their blessings, big and small, this holiday season. I know I have so much to be thankful for. 🙂

Much love,

I loved getting to celebrate my 20th Birthday with friends and family!ImageImage
Alpha Gamma Delta Christmas PartyImage

Birthday Dinner with sweet friends!Image


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  1. So very happy to hear how well you are doing Anna. In time you will not get “exhausted” trying to workout in the Gym. You will never know you had the problem with your brain at all. I know you will be so thankful. The confusion you felt trying to put your thoughts together at the beginning of your classes this semester is what I deal with everyday. I have learned to work around it. I know I am blessed the minute I wake in the morning, I count everything else that day as a bonus.

    As for your sleeping there are other things that you can try. There is Biofeedback, meditation and specialty breathing all things I am sure you may be able to teach yourself. Look them up and read about them on the internet. They may help you some. Anything is worth a try. Again we can fall back to acupuncture or acupressure points, there is one or two for sleeping. I just hope you find relief soon.

    Hope you Holidays are bright and you continue to receive Blessings. Love to all your Family,

    Gidget Owens

  2. You are truly beautiful and an amazing person. I don’t think anyone else could’ve made it through all of this as well as you have. I’ve kept up with your story for a while now and I am simply amazed by every new entry. Continue to heal and stay strong! Happy late birthday!


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