This month marks six months since surgery! The full recovery period from surgery is twelve months. I am well on my way to being 100% healthy! I spent most of December at home for the holidays with my family in Birmingham, Alabama.

This Christmas was extremely special to me because there was so much, even more so than usual, to be thankful for. My family continued our Christmas Eve tradition of dinner at Ruth’s Chris and spending time with my grandparents and cousins. Christmas Day was filled with lots and lots of food, gifts and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I could not have asked for a better Holiday season.

Unfortunately, over the break I caught pneumonia, which was no fun but was easily cured after rest, antibiotics and breathing treatments. Shortly after I caught pneumonia, my mom caught it as well but a much worse case. She ended up at St. Vincent’s Hospital for a few days but is back at home now and feeling much better.

I am back at school ready to start the Spring semester of my Sophomore year at the University of Alabama! Classes start tomorrow and I am just as excited as a little kid before the first day of school. I am taking a full time load filled with great classes and professors!

As far as symptoms go, everything continues to get better with each passing day. My vision, sleep and weakness are my only complaints. Vision is slowly getting better and usually comes when I am focusing hard on something (looking at a phone, computer, driving, etc.) Sleep is like a roller coaster but any night that I get four hours of sleep or more is great! Lastly, weakness is something that is expected but can only get better if I work for it. I make sure that I am including physical activity and errands along with rest in my daily routine. I have no doubt that by twelve months I will be better than ever!

Each week I receive several emails from those who have read my blog and found that they are experiencing the same symptoms I did prior to surgery. I want to encourage anyone suffering from these symptoms to seek answers from their doctor and reach out to those who have been through the same thing. Although pineal cysts are rare, they do happen! Take charge of your health and do not allow anyone to tell you to just shake it off or give up! This surgery has given me my life back and for that I am forever grateful.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. -Hebrews 11:1

Christmas Eve Dinner with my family!

Night of Christmas parties!

Momma Elf and Baby Reindeer in the Christmas photo booth!




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