7 months down, 4 to go!


The progress I have made in seven months is incredible. From learning to walk again in ICU to sitting here working on schoolwork and feeling great. They don’t say the full recovery period is twelve months for nothing. My biggest symptom/frustration right now is with comprehending concepts. Although reading is much easier than right after surgery, I still have a hard time grasping the main concept and usually have to read things several times to fully understand. Memory is still a bit fuzzy at times but continues to improve.

For the first time in a really long time, I got to go for a jog last week! I must admit, it was extremely tough but I did it! It was one of the best feelings to accomplish this run without getting nauseated or a killer, pounding headache like before surgery. When I get discouraged from not being able to do things the way I used to, I have to remind myself that I am still healing and strength comes with time.

The spots in my vision continue to decrease and my energy level gets better with each passing day. I can tell that my pineal gland is starting to slowly work again! (YAY!!!!!) At the end of the day, I am exhausted and ready to go to sleep which is such a great sign. Some nights I have a hard time staying asleep but I am getting around five to seven hours a night!! School is challenging but going good. It feels so great to be back in the swing of things!

I have some exciting news to share! Just two weeks ago I found out that I will be spending my summer in Lubbock, Texas as an intern for KLBK News! I am so thankful for the so many blessings God has given me, especially over the past few months. Each day I stand amazed at the power of the God we serve.

I continue to receive emails each week from people all over the world who are experiencing some of the same symptoms I did prior to surgery. There is no greater feeling than knowing this blog is a blessing to someone else who is in pain. If you are reading this blog and have the same symptoms, please feel free to contact me via email at aemontgomery1@crimson.ua.edu!

Be blessed,


Modeling with my sister at the Tuscaloosa Bridal Show!


Shadowing my little, Halle, for the University of Alabama Football Junior Days!


Sorority formal!


Lunch with sweet friends!


Typical, being goofy!


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