Two years!


Some days it seems like this entire journey was just a week ago and other days it feels like it was a lifetime ago. Either way, not a day passes by that I do not thank God for blessing me with such an incredible team of doctors and nurses who were truly able to give me my life back.

So much has happened since I last updated you guys! After completing my internship in Lubbock with KLBK News last August, I went back to the University of Alabama and started my junior year! The fall semester was filled with sixteen hours of upper division classes, plenty of football and even a birthday.

Since surgery, I have made it my mission to never be afraid of trying something new or something that might seem “impossible.” So, I took a leap of faith in September and began applying for my dream internship with a national television network in New York City.

After a series of interviews, I landed a full semester internship with CBS News. (Still feels like a dream saying that!) In January, I packed up my bags and made the move to the Big Apple for five months. This was truly the experience of a lifetime! I learned so much and met some really awesome people.

Since returning back to Alabama I have been busy hitting the books again and knocking out a class this summer. I will start the second semester of my junior year at the Capstone in August!

I have never felt better than the way I do now and that is all because of this surgery. Days filled with unexplained exhaustion, debilitating headaches and terribly disturbed vision are long gone! And as far as post-operation symptoms go, my sleep is not 100% but certainly better than the 30 minutes of sleep a night I was getting after surgery. Rarely, I will have tiny spots in my vision but it has improved drastically since surgery.

I usually hear from at least one person every other week from anywhere across the country or even around the world that has come across my blog and is experiencing a lot of the same symptoms I did prior to surgery or are preparing for surgery!

The Lord has provided in ways that I could have never even dreamed possible two years ago. With over 50,000 views on the blog and hits from 50+ different countries, I firmly believe that God placed me on this path with plans that I could potentially help someone else going through the same thing.

I am eternally grateful to all of you who prayed for me, encouraged me and loved me through this experience.

If you are having debilitating headaches, please see your doctor. Brain health is so incredibly important.

To contact me with any questions or comments, feel free to send me an email at!

All my love,


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